A large part of anti-viruses for Android is fake.

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Android malware spills out like mushrooms after rain. No wonder users want to protect themselves by downloading antivirus software on the phone. Unfortunately, as shown by the test conducted by the AV-Comparatives team, often the collateral is only illusory and can at most provide some form of psychological comfort.

Specialists checked 250 mobile antivirus as a sample using the base of 2 thousand. harmful and 100 harmless applications from 2018.

Only 23 programs have correctly diagnosed a set of threats. At the same time, as many as 138 tools turned out to be almost useless, achieving detection efficiencies below 30 percent, and 32 were themselves a threat. Negatively rated by leading suppliers and Google, during the tests were eliminated from the Google Play store.

fake antivirus-es

By the way, specialists have determined that the multiplicity of android antiviruses is just an illusion.

Sometimes, one de facto program is offered under several different names, by several different companies, each of which limits its interference to a slight modification of the interface’s appearance. And this does not mean that this program is somehow extremely effective.

Full detection programs. Source: AV-Comparatives
Full detection programs. Source: AV-Comparatives

The final conclusion is: use only packages from reliable producers. Of course, if you want to install any security software on your smartphone or tablet at all. Check the list of antiviruses that guarantees 100%. detectability.

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