AIMP music player, great alternative for Winamp.. why ?

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Welcome everybody, in my first post I will write something about great music player for Windows, it will be AIMP app created by russian programmers, I’m pretty sure if you know Winamp you should know AIMP .. in my opinion AIMP is better than winamp, it’s faster than winamp and still developed, this is how aimp looks..

Aimp has alot of usefull functions, just few most important below :

you can convert music on to few file formats, and it no needed to download additional music converter.

music recorder, you can record music from your microphone and save to various music format files.

plugins, we can install alot of plugins which can help improve AIMP functionality.

there is much more functions in AIMP but I won’t be cover all of them in this post 🙂

AIMP is very low resource consuming.. aimp require only 8MB of ram memory to work.

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