Facebook sues Chinese companies for selling accounts

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Fake Facebook accounts are a big problem. Using them, you can troll other users, spread fake news or cheat others. on sales groups. It is often easy to know if a profile is false or not. Date of establishment, number of friends, photos, information – it is enough to catch an unemotional cheater. However, specially prepared accounts are a completely different matter …

In the network you can easily find fake accounts that have been updated for a long time. Such profiles have a lot of information and history – status updates and other information that the average user provides on Facebook are added. Because of this it is quite hard to detect them at first glance and they pose a big problem.

Facebook has just sued 4 Chinese companies that dealt with the sale of accounts on its portals. 9 Xiu Network (Shenzen) Science and Technology Company, 9 Xiu Feishu Science and Technology Company, 9 Xiufei Book Technology Co. and Home Network (Fujian) Technology Co. they will have to stand trial.

According to a complaint submitted by a social giant, these companies offer various hardware and software services. They also include the sale of account packages on Facebook and Instagram, as well as other portals such as Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube, LinkedIn and Google Voice. Apparently, the offer also includes the sale of reactions, friends and other activities in social media networks.

Facebook Fake Account Sale service

Premium account sales were also offered, which thanks to the alleged title of Facebook’s strategic partner on the Chinese market were to be protected against blocking. All websites offering the above-mentioned services have been excluded.

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There is also a breach of trademarks among the allegations. The Chinese used misleading web addresses. Among the links indicated are items such as myfacebook.cc, facebook88.net or infacebook.cc.

Facebook appeals to the court to ban false sites and accounts for Chinese companies, handing Zuckerberg all profits from account sales, and $ 100,000 for every wrong domain name.

It is not known how the matter will settle, but the law and regulations are on the side of the largest social network in the world.