Google, revealed the location of the secret military base

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Google Maps is great help for users. It turns out to be a treasure for spies. It’s enough for the giant to forget and discover national secrets. It happened in Taiwan.

Google Maps after the last update were so detailed that they showed in Taiwan even … military bases. Along with the equipment – Patriot missile launchers. It was easy to see where exactly they stood.

The Taiwanese authorities explain that the greatest secrets have not been disclosed. But Google quickly had to fix its mistake and blur the location. We can guess that who knew about the military bases, he probably knew anyway. The intelligence services of many countries have their informers and are able to obtain such information. However, this does not change the fact that the situation is significant and we talk a lot about the present day. The popular application of a technological giant, which anyone can use, reveals today the location of the military bases of the state. We live in such times.

This is not the first case of this type. The Polar app has found thousands of locations associated with US troops, the FBI, the NSA and other major state agencies. At the beginning of 2018, a similar situation occurred. Strava – running fitness app – has revealed hundreds of identical running routes around the wasteland. It soon turned out that the US soldiers used the application, and the object they passed was a secret military base in the desert.

In turn, in October, the Belgian Ministry of Defense announced a lawsuit against Google. A few inappropriate satellite images have been put on Google Maps. These were secret military bases and nuclear power plants.

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