How to download a facebook video? How to download a youtube video? STEP BY STEP GUIDE

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The first case we are considering is downloading the original Facebook video (not the YouTube video shared on Facebook).

Downloading videos from Facebook is really very simple and we can bring them to the following few steps:

  • We move the mouse cursor over the video we want to download and then right-click.
  • We’ll see three options: Pause, Unmute, and Show video URL (display URL of the movie). We are obviously interested in the last option and click to display the URL of the video we want to download.
  • The video URL will be displayed in a small black window that appears in the video area that is displayed. Click on the displayed address and copy it (by pressing CTRL + C or by right-clicking and selecting “Copy”).
  • We now have the unique URL of the video we want to download. Now we use one of the tools to download music and videos from specific URLs. We can use one of the following tools:
  • We open the tool and paste it in the right place
The copied URL can be pasted using the mouse or keyboard (CTRL + P).
  • We paste the address and choose the format in which we want to download the video. We have audio and video formats to choose from. If we want to download a video and be able to watch it later normally (and we are not only interested in the soundtrack), then we choose “.mp4”.
  • After correctly pasting the URL address and selecting the format of the downloadable video, click on “START”.
  • We will see information that our video is being converted. This takes a few seconds for several seconds (depending on the length of the video).
  • After the conversion, we will be able to download the video. Just click “DOWNLOAD” and the video will be automatically saved on your computer’s hard drive.

At this point, I point out that both of the above tools display TON of ads, including rather annoying pop-ups, which the blocker is unable to block. After clicking on “DOWNLOAD” our video will start downloading, but it will also open the advertisement in a new window, so do not worry about it. However, we must get through all these difficulties if we really want to download our video.

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In the browser bar, we should see the information about the end of downloading the video file. If we do not know where our browser downloads files by default, it is easiest to click on the small arrow in the downloaded file and select “Show in folder”. This will open the folder to which our video has been downloaded.


Downloading videos from YouTube (regardless of whether we’ve found them on Facebook or elsewhere) looks the same with the difference that we copy and paste the URL of the movie on YouTube.

How do I find the URL of a YouTube video shared on Facebook?

In most cases, the people sharing the movie do not delete the movie address and see it directly in the entry as in the example below).

All we need to do at this point is click on the URL of the movie to YouTube or click on the title of the movie (if the URL has been removed from the entry). The video will open in a new tab and we will go to YouTube.
Now just select (CTRL + A) the URL of the video and copy it (CTRL + C or right click and select “Copy”)

After going to the new YouTube video tab, we only need to copy its URL.

Everything that we have to do next is analogous to the first part of the guide, i.e. the copied address is pasted into the chosen tool, and then we download the video while remembering about the non-infringement of copyright.

The purpose of this guide is only instructional. I am not urging you to download videos or content that you do not have rights to. Let’s remember about the copyright of all the videos we want to download and use them in accordance with the law.

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