How to download videos from youtube ?

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Today I will explain you how to download youtube videos using free open source software “youtube-dl“, it is command line tool available for Windows, Mac, Linux. I will be using Windows version which is available to download from github – Download youtube-dl.

Youtube-dl Command Line

As I said before youtube-dl is command line tool, very easy to use. If we want to see all available command we can type :

youtube-dl.exe –help

Youtube dl help command

Let’s download some video from youtube, I will choose this one :

Link to yt video

Command to download this video via Youtube-dl :

youtube-dl.exe “”

and our video has been Downloaded

This is the simplest way to easy and fast download video from YT, we have alot of more options available in this great free tool, in the next article I will write something more. 

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