Official tests of the new Edge browser have started. It’s time to say goodbye to Chrome!

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Microsoft has just launched tests for the new Edge browser based on Chromium. Until now, all the guesses about this revolutionary browser in many respects, we had to base only on leaks.

One of them was, however, exceptionally large, because … it was the browser itself, which leaked from internal tests. Everyone could see how the new Edge works. Still, it was an unofficial version. Today, the whole veil of mystery has been discovered – the new Edge can officially test everyone!

To do this, just go to the Microsoft Edge Insider website and download the version we are interested in. For now, there are two to choose from – test version Dev (updated every week) and Canary (updated daily). The Dev version collects patches from the whole week, so it’s more stable.

After downloading and running the installer, the browser will automatically turn on. At first glance, it looks exactly like the version that leaked from internal tests. The browser greets us with the question whether we want to synchronize data from another browser or start from scratch.

Everything works exceptionally smoothly and quickly. First impressions? This is Google Chrome! But when we look at the details, we begin to notice the clear classic spirit of Edge.

You can see it even by looking at icons that have been taken out of the classic Edge. The default search engine is, of course, Bing, but of course it can be easily changed. The new tab screen can have one of three forms – Focus mode, Inspirational mode and Information mode.

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Where are the differences then? Firstly, in the appearance of Settings, which now open in a new tab, and not as it has before, in the form sliding out from the right edge of the panel window. The new Edge also supports typical flags based on Chromium, thanks to which we can enable various experimental functions.

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