Snapchat on Android has finally been thoroughly rebuilt

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Snapchat is an application that is used by fewer and fewer users. I have been actively using this service myself for almost two years and I have been watching gradual disappearance of Snap interest for over a dozen or so months. Developers, however, decided to try their hand at reanimating the program thoroughly rebuilding its appearance on Android devices.

The Android version has not been stable for years, which often causes extremely negative reviews in the Play Store. Added to this is the mass of errors associated with the operation of Snapchat and the general negligence of the creators. Now everything is about to change – on Twitter, a rather meaningful post has been published, which clearly indicates that users of the system from Google may now “love” Snapchat.

This is not about reconstruction in the visual aspect – rather, we do not experience aesthetic changes. It is about a thorough change of the source code so that Snapchat on Android works much faster and was less flawed than the previous version. By entering the product page in the browser Play Store, you can actually see that the update has been implemented this day.

However, in the mobile version of the Play Store I do not have the opportunity to upgrade SnapChat, which proves that the rebuilt version goes to users in series. Some consumers, therefore, can enjoy the “new” Snapchat now, and some will wait some time.

In an interview for the Android Authority portal, developers responsible for the reconstruction of the Android Snap admitted that they worked many months over the update. The new version, however, is to be more accessible not only for recipients, but also for those responsible for implementing and writing news and changes. Thanks to this, the updates reach customers more often and be more refined.

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