Two developers have launched Android on Nintendo Switch

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PUBG Mobile on Switch? Why not!

A powerful portable console that can be docked and connected on TV. Without a doubt, the Switch could be a really interesting device for playing mobile productions released on Android. Some people interested in the subject before the premiere wondered if it would be possible to upload the system from Google to Switch. And now, after two years, two programmers show that they do the most.

Nintendo Switch
Nintendo Switch

Billy Laws and Max Keller were able to upload an early version of Android Q to a console from Nintendo. Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and even Joy-Cony work on it. Unfortunately, it is not known how the operation of SD card or docking console works. The GPU service is not ready yet, but the work is ongoing.

If Keller and Laws manage to prepare a smoothly running and fully functional version of Android Q for Switch, it may turn out to be the best device for playing mobile games, and smartphones like Razer Phone or Xiaomi Black Shark will have a hard nut to crack.

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