We know more features of Android Q

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The tenth version of the Android system is fast approaching, and thanks to numerous leaks about Android Q we know more and more. The latest reports talk about new notification bubbles and gestures that are almost identical to those in iOS.

The fans of Android from the XDA-Developers forum found in APK Pixel Launcher hidden functions, being an extension of gestures known for a long time. In Android Q, their animations have been changed, which will be more effective. In practice, this is similar to the operation of iOS transitions. Google clearly wants the majority of users to use the system with gestures and devotes a lot of attention to refine this solution. Apple’s modeling should not be surprising in this case – in the company’s products from Cupertino, the service of the system has always seemed to be at a slightly higher level.

In Android Q, there will also be a new form of system notifications. You can clearly see inspiration from Facebook’s Messenger. The round icons will display messages from all sources, including text messages. After clicking on the balloon, a text field will appear that allows you to quickly write back to a friend.

Both of the above-mentioned novelties, as well as a number of others, including an extensive dark mode, are solutions that Google borrows from other companies. However, these functions are checked and appreciated by users, so their introduction in the pure version of Android can make the Google system even more intuitive.

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